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“How Diverse is your Music Business Portfolio?”

Uncategorized Feb 24, 2023

“How Diverse is your Music Business Portfolio?”

Diversification is a term we don’t often hear in the music biz.

However, it’s commonly used by financial advisors when discussing your portfolio.

In that environment, it’s a key component to ENLARGING and growing your business. 


The same principle can be applied to your music career. In short, it means not putting all your eggs in one basket and I have found this to be incredibly helpful in growing my own business. And all it took was me really understanding what my REAL dream is. 


Here is an example:

I love to play music, specifically guitar, and my life dream has always been to do that a majority of my time.  However, the minute I started trying to define how that has to happen in absolutes, I began limiting all the hundreds or maybe thousands of ways that it CAN happen.  


For instance, if I carried a belief like, “If I get a record deal, that’s...

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“The Power of Making Decisions”

Uncategorized Feb 17, 2023

“The Power of Making Decisions”

When it comes to building a successful music career, making decisions is a huge part of that progress. And there is so much power that comes from the act of making a decision!

Now, not EVERY decision is the right one.

If you’ve been in the music business for any length of time you know this to be true. However, the power of making the WRONG decision carries more power than wondering “what would have happened if…” 

And all those “what ifs” can add up very quickly to equal regret. 

Brandon Miller has truly lived this. From the age of 7 growing up in Gardner, KS he knew that music would be a driving force in his life. He remembers looking at bands like KISS and Aerosmith and thinking that the sky was the limit.  Check out more of Brandon's Storie Here 

And each step he has taken, each decision he has made, has helped shape his journey to put him on a world stage.

From choosing to...

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Diversification as a musician

Uncategorized Feb 07, 2023

Diversification as a musician 

Diversification is a word frequently used by financial advisors when talking about portfolios.

More commonly, you may be familiar with the phrase “don’t put all your eggs into one basket” and in most industries, this is great advice. 

How does that apply when you are talking about the dream of launching or growing your music business?

So often, we hear people tell us that we have to be singularly focused to see success. Our best advice is to start with truly identifying what your real dream is. Or rather, what is the ultimate accomplishment you want to achieve in your business? 

Here’s a great example.  

I love to play music, specifically guitar, and my life dream has always been to do that a majority of my time.  But the minute I start trying to define how that has to happen in absolutes is the moment I start limiting all the hundreds or maybe thousands of ways that it CAN happen.

For instance, a...

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Who is Rev Jimmie Bratcher

Uncategorized Feb 07, 2023

Rev Jimmie Bratcher (podcast episode on Dream Big Series Podcast)


Meet Jimmie Bratcher, traveling preacher and blues artist who is not afraid to go places that many won't with his music and message.


Jimmie plays in prisons, clubs, Sturgis, church and more. And his story is inspiring and has impact thousands. 


In this episode, Jimmie shares a bit of his origin story. At the age of 12, Jimmie’s dad borrowed an electric guitar and an amplifier and brought it home for the weekend. Jimmie spent the entire weekend with that guitar and the rest is history. 


After his dad traded a car for his first Gibson Falcon amplifier and Gibson SG Jr. and that started his love for playing. 


At 22, Jimmie found himself hitting rock bottom. Out of control and divorced, he experienced a dramatic life change where he came to faith in Jesus. He and his wife remarried and started navigating their new...

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Getting into the zone

Uncategorized Jan 13, 2023

Getting Into the Zone

 You may be familiar with the zone of genius, but did you know that there are three other zones that you may find yourself in as an entrepreneur or artist? 

I cover the four zones you may find yourself in as an entrepreneur and artist. In this video,

The Four Zones  

Zone of Incompetence: The zone of those things you really aren’t good at. You will do it because it’s got to be done, but it’s not going to be pretty or done well. These are the first priority of things to move out of your life and off your plate. 


Zone of Competence: These are the things that you are a little better at and you can definitely do. However, there are others around you who will do these things better and at a higher level of excellence.


Zone of Excellence: These are the things that you get REALLY good at. And it can bring you a lot of success and income. However, this zone can be tricky. When you’re in this zone you...

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Living in that middle ground between starving artist and rock star

Uncategorized Jan 06, 2023

Living in that middle ground

 As an artist, it’s easy to feel that there are only TWO spaces that exist in the music industry. 

 Starving Artist.    -or-    Rock Star

 And of course, for many of us that “rock star status” can feel incredibly unattainable. 

 What many don’t realize is there is a MASSIVE middle ground in the music industry that is growing SIGNIFICANTLY because of the internet.

Now more than ever, independent artists have a better chance of a great and viable income doing what they love! 

 In a recent interview with Mikey Needleman, We talked about how the pandemic focused on him to figure out a way to make money even when he couldn't play live gigs.  Check out that interview here

 We all have to start somewhere if you teach music lessons while getting your band going. You are doing what you have to do to provide while working towards what you love.

 Did you...

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How to start a band that actually gets paid

Uncategorized Dec 30, 2022

 How to start a band that actually gets paid 

Not long ago, I remember talking with our performance coach about another band in town that was making over $3000 for each show and was booked solid.

This blew my mind. At that time, the group I was in was making $500-$800 per show. The idea of getting paid 3K was mind-blowing!

Then I saw them live.  And I remember thinking "Ohhhh, that's what's going on."  

They were doing everything over the top. 

The sound.
The outfits.
The stage production.
The song choice.

Every piece was methodical and was way better than what I was used to seeing groups do on a local level.

So that's EXACTLY what we set out to do with our group Big Time Grain Company when we started it. And that is what our FREE E-book was written about. 

In it you will find the steps that are needed to take you toward the music career you have dreamed of. Before you know it, you will be playing great shows for great pay. 

 There are a...

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The Rule of Three- How to grow as a musician and an entrepreneur

Uncategorized Dec 20, 2022

 The Rule of Three- How to grow as a musician and an Entrepreneur


 Learn how lifelong musician, Dan from Georgia Florida line shares his experience of growing as a musician and an entrepreneur. In this interview, Dan shares his business savvy as well as his story of moving and learning through different genres of music. 



In this episode, Dan shares the rule of three. 1) The Money 2) The Music and 3) The Hang.

Achieving just 2 makes for a great gig, but occasionally you can get the brass ring with all three.

Dan also covers how the hang may be the lesser known of the three, but it’s one of the most important elements to growing in the music industry. 

Dan shares how his experience in a business consulting class helped shape his direction in the music industry and his understanding of how music is a business.

This means grasping the following:

Marketing is paramount. 

Relationships and networking is key 

Invest in developing...

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What you should know about Networking for your band.

Uncategorized Apr 20, 2020

What you should know about networking for your band

Guest Nicole Carson Manager of Entertainment Events at NBCUniversal Media Shared with us tips for the music business and industry today. 

we also get into her awareness that there is a lack of knowledge and interest in networking by the younger generation and how she is devoting time to be part of a solution.

 Nicole Talks about how reaching out to a client can be scary at first, But when your band is first getting started it is important to put yourself in front of as many brands as possible. 

 Take a listen now to hear more about what Nicole has to say about getting your band in front of the right people and booking gigs with ease.


Please support Nicole Carson at the following links:







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How to prepare your band in case of a quarantine.

Uncategorized Apr 11, 2020

How to prepare your band in case of quarantine. 

 We all know that 2020 was difficult and if you your were a full-time band you felt that press of not being able to book full-time gigs. 

 In this podcast episode, Mikey Needleman felt the pressure with 4 kids all under the age of 6, He had to figure something out.  So he got creative and found a way to still make money through music even when he could book in-person gigs. 

 Take a listen now and find out how Mikey pulled it off and take note just in case you need to get creative in the future.  



Please support Mikey by following and commenting on his socials and at the following links. As he mentioned, if you want to talk about how he technically pulled off these ideas, you can reach him through these links.


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