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How is your EQ?  All audio engineers will tell you that you are generally working with a 31 band EQ when adjusting the frequencies of either individual instruments or the entire mix of instruments. They will also tell you that if anyone of those frequencies is off, it can jack with the entire sound of an instrument and/or a band. 

Carrying this over, if you are dealing with some emotional imbalance, or said another way, your emotional frequency is off, it can and will affect your entire life.  

Here’s the other thing, if a frequency is off in an audio mix, the audience won’t know what exactly is wrong, they will just know that they don’t like it.  The same goes for your life. If you have something off, many won’t know what it is, but they will sense that something is off and won’t like it.  

What would happen if you would remove all negativity from your thoughts?

What about if you removed all negativity from your speech?


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Such an interesting question when it comes to our musical passion.   I mean it’s about the art and our passion right? For years, I could care less about the money I would make playing music.  Early on in my career I was playing 4-6 nights a week traveling all over the country with a personal salary of $180 per week.  I didn’t have a car, a house, or anything for that matter except my gear. Let me tell you though, I was having the time of my life.  As long as I could pay for food, guitar strings and batteries for my wireless, I was good to go. 

Later on in my career, money became more important.  Although, if I was independently wealthy I still wouldn’t care about what I was making from music. I just love to do it.  Since that’s not the case yet, here is how I learned to increase what I was making as a band and a musician.  

If you remember basic econ class from school, it comes down to simple supply and...

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Do you feel like your words are falling on def ears when you call a potential gig? Do you even get that far in the process?  Do you feel like know one calls you back?

Believe me, I get.  This was a large part of my music career.  I just felt if I could do a good enough job selling my group and talk to enough people, I could force my band into success.  But, we don't know what we don't know, right?  It wasn't until I started studying other bands that were getting all the gigs that things began to clear up for me.  On top of that, I became an entertainment agent buying bands for a few shopping centers.  These shopping centers would redirect all their entertainment inquiries right to me.  And there were hundreds calling me.  Now I was on the other end of this hearing every good, bad and ugly pitch out there.  Here's the interesting part.  The bands that were doing it write never called me.  They didn't have to.  The...

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