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How to start a band that actually gets paid

Uncategorized Dec 30, 2022

 How to start a band that actually gets paid 

Not long ago, I remember talking with our performance coach about another band in town that was making over $3000 for each show and was booked solid.

This blew my mind. At that time, the group I was in was making $500-$800 per show. The idea of getting paid 3K was mind-blowing!

Then I saw them live.  And I remember thinking "Ohhhh, that's what's going on."  

They were doing everything over the top. 

🎤The sound.
👖The outfits.
✨The stage production.
🎶The song choice.

Every piece was methodical and was way better than what I was used to seeing groups do on a local level.

So that's EXACTLY what we set out to do with our group Big Time Grain Company when we started it. And that is what our FREE E-book was written about. 

In it you will find the steps that are needed to take you toward the music career you have dreamed of. Before you know it, you will be playing great shows for great pay. 

 There are a few important keys steps when starting a band, I know you might be thinking wait we already know how to play....

 There is a bit more to it to make sure that you are creating a band that is going to be successful and that is going to be able to make money playing music. 

1. Get the right people on your bus

2. Set up investment and pay structure for the band members

3. Assign task, Who will be responsible for booking gigs, Who is the main contact, Etc

4. Branding Decide the look you want your band to have 

5. Connect with your audience off stage

We expand in great detail in the ebook, so if your ready to start a successful band you will for sure want to check it out. 



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Whether you are a weekend warrior or or you are pursuing a full time musical career, wouldn't it be nice to feel like you are being paid what you are worth. This FREE E-Book will help give you the tools you need to design a music career that will not only pay you more but ultimately become more gratifying.