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Who is Rev Jimmie Bratcher

Uncategorized Feb 07, 2023

Rev Jimmie Bratcher (podcast episode on Dream Big Series Podcast)


Meet Jimmie Bratcher, traveling preacher and blues artist who is not afraid to go places that many won't with his music and message.


Jimmie plays in prisons, clubs, Sturgis, church and more. And his story is inspiring and has impact thousands. 


In this episode, Jimmie shares a bit of his origin story. At the age of 12, Jimmie’s dad borrowed an electric guitar and an amplifier and brought it home for the weekend. Jimmie spent the entire weekend with that guitar and the rest is history. 


After his dad traded a car for his first Gibson Falcon amplifier and Gibson SG Jr. and that started his love for playing. 


At 22, Jimmie found himself hitting rock bottom. Out of control and divorced, he experienced a dramatic life change where he came to faith in Jesus. He and his wife remarried and started navigating their new journey together. After a hiatus of playing regularly, Jimmie reconnected with his first love and recorded his first album in 2001. 


In this episode of the Dream Big Series, Jimmie shares how he works to stay relevant in the music industry and how he continues to build his own music business. Staying true to who you are and being completely authentic is how Jimmie works to stay relevant. He has also built his business (both in ministry and music) based on a relational model. For Jimmie, this is as simple as focusing on making friends. He strives to have a mutually beneficial relationship with the venue owner that goes beyond the event itself. 


Building relationships is a vital part of growing your music business. It can be messy and complicated, but it takes a developed skill. Jimmie shares his method for doing this:


  • Start out with a one-on-one connection 
  • Visiting the venue goes a lot further than sending an email (bonus if you buy them lunch!)
  • Be willing to invest the time instead of focusing on the “sell”


Jimmie also covers the following in this episode:


  • How to re-invent yourself
  • How to restart your music career later in life
  • What his daily method of operation looks like
  • How to listen to the voice of your heart


Tune in for the full episode to learn more about Jimmie, his journey, and his amazing advice in the music industry.


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