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The Rule of Three- How to grow as a musician and an entrepreneur

Uncategorized Dec 20, 2022

 The Rule of Three- How to grow as a musician and an Entrepreneur


 Learn how lifelong musician, Dan from Georgia Florida line shares his experience of growing as a musician and an entrepreneur. In this interview, Dan shares his business savvy as well as his story of moving and learning through different genres of music. 



In this episode, Dan shares the rule of three. 1) The Money 2) The Music and 3) The Hang.

Achieving just 2 makes for a great gig, but occasionally you can get the brass ring with all three.

Dan also covers how the hang may be the lesser known of the three, but it’s one of the most important elements to growing in the music industry. 

Dan shares how his experience in a business consulting class helped shape his direction in the music industry and his understanding of how music is a business.

This means grasping the following:

Marketing is paramount. 

Relationships and networking is key 

Invest in developing your skills 

Understand the cost and managing your budget

Prioritizing the steps in growing your business


Tune in for the full episode to learn more about Dan, his journey and his incredible insight!


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