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Getting into the zone

Uncategorized Jan 13, 2023

Getting Into the Zone

 You may be familiar with the zone of genius, but did you know that there are three other zones that you may find yourself in as an entrepreneur or artist? 

I cover the four zones you may find yourself in as an entrepreneur and artist. In this video,

The Four Zones  

Zone of Incompetence: The zone of those things you really aren’t good at. You will do it because it’s got to be done, but it’s not going to be pretty or done well. These are the first priority of things to move out of your life and off your plate. 


Zone of Competence: These are the things that you are a little better at and you can definitely do. However, there are others around you who will do these things better and at a higher level of excellence.


Zone of Excellence: These are the things that you get REALLY good at. And it can bring you a lot of success and income. However, this zone can be tricky. When you’re in this zone you are NOT in your zone of genius. This could also be called the “backup” zone. 


Zone of Genius: This is the zone where when you’re in it, time completely disappears. This is where your dream meets your passion. It’s the zone that is unique and special to you.


And for many, can’t even answer the question, “What’s your zone of genius”. They get stuck in the zone of excellence or even worse, competence. 


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