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“How Diverse is your Music Business Portfolio?”

Uncategorized Feb 24, 2023

“How Diverse is your Music Business Portfolio?”

Diversification is a term we don’t often hear in the music biz.

However, it’s commonly used by financial advisors when discussing your portfolio.

In that environment, it’s a key component to ENLARGING and growing your business. 


The same principle can be applied to your music career. In short, it means not putting all your eggs in one basket and I have found this to be incredibly helpful in growing my own business. And all it took was me really understanding what my REAL dream is. 


Here is an example:

I love to play music, specifically guitar, and my life dream has always been to do that a majority of my time.  However, the minute I started trying to define how that has to happen in absolutes, I began limiting all the hundreds or maybe thousands of ways that it CAN happen.  


For instance, if I carried a belief like, “If I get a record deal, that’s the only way I will achieve my dream”.  If you’ve been around the music industry for any time at all, you know that this is not necessarily true. There are a vast number of options for me to reach my dream that do not include a record label!

When we learn to maintain a focus on the MAIN THING while simultaneously being open to the vast methods and paths our dream can occur, we can start living with the exciting expectations of the unknown.

This lesson came to me in phases, usually brought on by circumstances causing me to reevaluate what I was focusing on and where I was spending my time.

 Regardless of what you think, we all have this incredible intuition if we will listen to it and access it.

This takes practice and focus, but the end result is a way more fun and efficient path to your dream while enjoying the journey along the way.  

Just like that financial advisor who helps you expand and grow your portfolio, Play Music Make More can do the same for your music career.

Our Music Mastermind and courses can help you learn HOW to listen to that intuition and look for the MANY paths available to achieve your dreams. Let us help you find the MANY paths out there for you.


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