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 Hey We are Bret & Chad

The entire trajectory of my life changed at age seventeen when a band came through my high school and played a concert.  All it took was my buddy turning to me and saying, “why don’t you learn to play guitar and we will start a band?” So that’s what I did.

Six months later, I got replaced by a much better player and that was the moment I committed to becoming the best guitar player I could.  Two years or 3-5 hours practice per night landed me a position in a touring band. We performed for 4-6 nights per week for 4 years before the singer walked out leaving my dad’s words of “you can’t make any money in that industry” ringing in my head.  “You need a back up plan.”

I spent the next 15 years in 3 different backup plans before finally hitting my end.  None of them ever became successful. I will never forget the moment, sitting in my studio when I made this declaration,  “If I’m going to go down, I’m going to at least do it doing something I love.”  

That was the day my dream began again.  Today, I am doing everything I love doing.  I get paid very well to play, write and record music as well as, inspiring others to dream.  

Best part, I know how I got here and know how to teach it.

"Chad's video series changed my whole perspective on working to become a professional musician. He dives into topics you wouldn't even think about when you first start putting together a band. There is a lot of good character building advice in the series as well. Any musician feeling like you are stuck in one spot or not progressing needs to check out this series. There's tons of powerful insight that will really make you think about how you are operating your band. These videos have already started to pay off for my band in booking events and playing bigger and better shows 10/10 would recommend."

Ryan Lynch
The Champagne

"Chad Bourquin is such a professional and has been so impressive and helpful in my music career!! He has been helping me get amazing local and regional gigs for me and my band Red Guitar for over a decade!! I love working with Chad:)"

Nick Nave
Solo Artist / Band

"Glad you guys are doing this. To all the artists checking this out —- I’ve spent a lot of time learning from this crew over the past few years. Their concepts have helped me in touring to the Middle East and back. Check it out and you will learn some great practical tools. "

Solo Artist

"Chad has and continues to help myself and my band understand our value and know what we are really worth. We've both earned more and have had more fun playing thanks to your direction...appreciate your business mentorship and if someone is skeptical dm me:) keep on doing what you do Chad and BTGC"

Chris Lockard
Right On Red Band

"Get Paid What You Are Worth Playing Music" has been a great resource for me as my band has been working to develop our brand and take our product to the next level. The book takes loads of industry-proven tips, tricks, guidelines and strategies and distills them down into a great reference guide. Specifically, when you decide to up your band's marketing/promotion game, there are a million things you could do, and most of them, you should do. This book helped me prioritize those initiatives into a manageable and executable plan."

Jeff Daniels
Cantaloupe City

"Play Music Make More is jam packed with solid information for the performer that wants to take every aspect of their career to the next level. Easy and achievable tips written with professionalism, wit and heart, I highly suggest Play Music Make More to all musicians of all skill level! I'm excited to take some of these tips and implement them to the next steps of my own musical journey."

Jillian Riscoe
Solo Artist


You’ve made it this far because you want more than what you are getting out of your music career. I’ve been there, I get it, and I can help.

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