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“The Power of Making Decisions”

Uncategorized Feb 17, 2023

“The Power of Making Decisions”

When it comes to building a successful music career, making decisions is a huge part of that progress. And there is so much power that comes from the act of making a decision!

Now, not EVERY decision is the right one.

If you’ve been in the music business for any length of time you know this to be true. However, the power of making the WRONG decision carries more power than wondering “what would have happened if…” 

And all those “what ifs” can add up very quickly to equal regret. 

Brandon Miller has truly lived this. From the age of 7 growing up in Gardner, KS he knew that music would be a driving force in his life. He remembers looking at bands like KISS and Aerosmith and thinking that the sky was the limit.  Check out more of Brandon's Storie Here 

And each step he has taken, each decision he has made, has helped shape his journey to put him on a world stage.

From choosing to expand his skills as a musician to deciding which bands to play with, in this episode of The Dream Big series he shares some of those pivotal moments that impacted his trajectory. 

What was the last decision you made that your “gut” prompted you to do?

When was the last time you put yourself out there, even if the outcome was uncertain? What is that “what if” you don’t want to live with?  

Positive results can come from making a decision, even if the positive result isn’t immediately obvious!

Check out this full episode with Brandon Miller by clicking the button below.

AND if you are ready to make a decision to further YOUR music career, Play Music Make More is here to help. Our online courses can be the catalyst you are looking for to see positive results. Check out our courses and stay tuned for more to come!



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