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The power to make decisions is something successful musicians have mastered

music business Dec 29, 2019

The power to make decisions is something successful musicians have mastered. 

That doesn’t mean that all the decisions made are the right ones. But the power of making a decision over not making a decision is the difference between success and wondering “what would have happened if…”  

If you add enough “what ifs” up, they equal a life of regret.  

In this section of the Dream Big Series podcast interview, Brandon Miller talks exactly about what decisions he has made in his life to put him on a world stage.  For the full interview, click on your favorite podcast platform below.  

What was the last decision you made that your “gut” prompted you, you followed through and you’ve seen the positive results on the backside of it? 

(Keep in mind, the positive results may have been something you needed to learn to set you up for the future)

We hope you enjoy and learn from the interview as much as we did.  
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Full Video Interview

We are rooting for you.  - Chad & Bret


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