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Living in that middle ground between starving artist and rock star

Uncategorized Jan 06, 2023

Living in that middle ground

 As an artist, it’s easy to feel that there are only TWO spaces that exist in the music industry. 

 ğŸ¤¤Starving Artist.    -or-    ğŸŽ¸Rock Star

 And of course, for many of us that “rock star status” can feel incredibly unattainable. 

 What many don’t realize is there is a MASSIVE middle ground in the music industry that is growing SIGNIFICANTLY because of the internet.

Now more than ever, independent artists have a better chance of a great and viable income doing what they love! 

 In a recent interview with Mikey Needleman, We talked about how the pandemic focused on him to figure out a way to make money even when he couldn't play live gigs.  Check out that interview here

 We all have to start somewhere if you teach music lessons while getting your band going. You are doing what you have to do to provide while working towards what you love.

 Did you know we have a course that is designed to teach you, the artist, how to claim a piece of that middle ground.?

It will aid you in taking the steps toward that dream you’ve always had. If you want to play music and make more, then THIS is the course for you. Check it out Here 


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