Get Paid What You Are Worth Playing Music

  • Find out what IMPRESSES or turns off potential CLIENTS.
  • Become the kind of artist that ATTRACTS BOOKINGS.
  • Learn what BOOKING AGENTS look for before taking on new bands.
  • Learn effective MARKETING techniques that encourages your fans to bring you MORE BOOKINGS.
  • Learn what to say on the PHONE when booking a show.
  • Receive additional on going advice and information to keep BUILDING YOUR MUSIC CAREER.


Whether you are a weekend warrior or you are pursuing a full time musical career, wouldn't it be nice to feel like you are being paid what you are worth. This FREE E-Book will help give you the tools you need to design a music career that will not only pay you more but ultimately become more gratifying.


Don't worry.  We don't like spam either.  We will only send you content that is related to helping you with your music career.  We want the best for you and are excited for your success.


"Chad Bourquin is such a professional and has been so impressive and helpful in my music career!! He has been helping me get amazing local and regional gigs for me and my band Red Guitar for over a decade!! I love working with Chad:)"

Nick Nave
Singer Songwriter

"Get Paid What You Are Worth Playing Music" has been a great resource for me as my band has been working to develop our brand and take our product to the next level. The book takes loads of industry-proven tips, tricks, guidelines and strategies and distills them down into a great reference guide. Specifically, when you decide to up your band's marketing/promotion game, there are a million things you could do, and most of them, you should do. This book helped me prioritize those initiatives into a manageable and executable plan."

Drummer - Cantaloupe City

"Whether you're just starting to gig or you are a veteran to the tour life you will find PlayMusicMakeMore incredibly valuable. As someone who has toured as an independent band leader and solo artist I took away many practical tools while being reminded of several things I had forgot along the way. Get out your notepad, apply these concepts and you will see a huge difference in your own mindset as well as financial success as an artist. "

Miguel Antonio
Singer Songwriter

"Chad has and continues to help myself and my band understand our value and know what we are really worth. We've both earned more and have had more fun playing thanks to your direction...appreciate your business mentorship and if someone is skeptical dm me:) keep on doing what you do Chad and BTGC"

Chris Lockard
Singer / Guitar - Right on Red

"Play Music Make More is jam packed with solid information for the performer that wants to take every aspect of their career to the next level. Easy and achievable tips written with professionalism, wit and heart, I highly suggest Play Music Make More to all musicians of all skill level! I'm excited to take some of these tips and implement them to the next steps of my own musical journey."

Jillian Riscoe
Solo Artist

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