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About Us

Since as early as we can remember, guitars, banjo, mandolins, fiddles and more have been part of our lives.  Every holiday meal was followed by a hoedown style jam session.  We were so fortunate to grow up on a farm with parents that taught us about solid work ethic and taking care of what needed taken care of.  More than that, our inventor dad modeled creativity and always using that creativity to find a bigger, better way.

With dad’s invention of the Bourquin Weedpuller, we went from hoeing weeds in bean fields to traveling all over the U.S. in a motor home while dad would demonstrate that machine.  We had new friends to play with, new territories to explore and new lakes to fish every week.  However, we only had three 8 tracks that were never ending, but were some of the first influences we had.   The big one that got worn out the most was John Denver.  Dad loves John Denver.

We both got serious about our instruments around mid/high school.  Bret the bass and Chad the guitar.  Ever since that day, we have gotten to play together thru church, acoustic shows and a rock band called LipRiddle, but nothing has ever felt like home quite like it has when we started playing together in Big Time Grain Company.  Our influences, tastes and experiences have all led to this moment at exactly the right time.

There is something magical that happens when brother’s get together and create music.  We are constantly writing, recording, rehearsing and doing it bigger and better just like our dad modeled.  We are completely grateful for all this project has brought to our lives. We are also thankful for the many friends and fans walking along side us in our Big Time adventure.


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