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What can the chiropractor for Dave Matthews can teach us about the music business?

Uncategorized Mar 23, 2020

What can we learn from the Chiropractor for Dave Matthews, two presidents and countless other pro musicians?

More than you can imagine.

Chad has been a chiropractor for many years and serves all types of people from various backgrounds. And one of the big reasons I wanted to have Chad on the Dream Big Series is because in addition to being chiropractor for a couple presidents and many, many musicians

He was the chiropractor for The Dave Matthews Band for 5-6 years,  Chad shares insights about how Dave Matthews and Coran Capshaw rocked the independent music market and changed the face of how music is managed and done.   Chad shares the power of being able to adapt quickly to circumstances and how a proper mindset is the absolute key to success. 

***EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY*** All children under 18, elderly 70+, & immunocompromised persons will be provided care at his office for a donation of any amount until coronavirus concerns subside.

For more information, please visit:  ‚Äčhttp://drchadhawk.com

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